Saturday, September 05, 2009

the music scene

Last week we went out to Yokohama to watch my friend Marianna sing. She and her band were playing at a cool little american-themed bar called Muddy's. They were serving all you can drink beer and platters full of hearty food (fried chicken, spaghetti, french fries, an awesome cheese casserole). Three bands were on the lineup that night: Marianna and the Ketchups (above and below); Fujiyama Soulmama; and Got.
The first two bands played fun bluesy songs (Mustang Sally, Voo Doo Woman, Hey Bartender, Jail House Rock) to which the crowd (particularly us gaijin) sang along. Everyone got into it and it was a blast. The last band was the local favorite. They sang Japanese oldies that everyone but us seemed to know all the words to. After the three bands did their sets (each with a last song in response to the chants of "En-cor-ay"), a hybrid group comprised of a few members of each band (and one rowdy drunk guy from the audience) got up and jammed for a couple of songs.

Here is a pic taken from the other direction that I stole from the web. Hey who is that in the crowd?

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