Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a little cosplay at tokyo dome

Apologies, friends. We are woefully behind on blog updates. Here are some very old pictures from Ryan's phone from a day last month (maybe even September?) when we just stumbled onto the strangest thing. We were each in different parts of the city and decided to rendezvous at the Tokyo Dome amusement park for dinner. I was over on the side with the log ride and the starbucks when I get a text from Ryan from the side with parachutes and goth stores: "omg get over here quick".

Apparently it was costume day at the dome. Everywhere you looked, folks were decked out from head to toe in extremely elaborate getups. Here by the merry-go-round we seemed to have interrupted a proposal. No wait, they aren't moving. 25 pictures taken by the gal in black and yellow later and they still are not moving. From what we could gather this is a day (perhaps following a more formal staged event) when guys and gals get together to reenact stills from their favorite cartoon or comic strip.

Some were all sweetness and innocence; others were ready to throw down (though I am dubious about the efficacy of those cardboard swords and platform boots).

Most were just completely baffling to us.

The only constant was that there were lots and lots of pictures taken. Here, of course, a gal with white hair, red contact lenses and a baby chicken on her head pretends to be beaten with a fry pan by a swedish dairy maid, while the purple-haired sailor captures the scene for posterity.

Our favorites, by far, though were these two photographers. I know, it is kind of hard to tell since they blend in so well.

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