Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hanami Part II

This Sunday we decided that we would not only celebrate Hanami, we would also throw in a little Easter for good measure. I found a great recipe for carrot cake, which might have been a snap to make if I wasn't working with the world's tiniest grater. We also made homemade rice balls (some stuffed with kimchi, others with tuna salad) and most importantly, Easter eggs! These would have been impossible if it weren't for my friend Marianna who brought me a Paaz decorating kit as a gift from her recent trip to California. Having only 3 colors to work with (pink, blue and yellow), I think we did a pretty good job with them. Late Sunday morning, we threw all our goodies into a bag and headed out to Yoyogi park to meet our friends Michael and Momoe.

M&M brought some great wine, chips and guac, serrano ham and a bunch of other goodies and we had a feast out on their blue tarp. It was pretty chilly and rain was looming but that didn't keep the masses from coming out to the park. Today's crowd was far younger and a bit rowdier --no less than 4 boomboxes were heard in our vicinity-- but was still relatively calm and civil. For the shear volume of people that were present, all of whom were drinking, there wasn't a single fight or even a raised voice. Okay, there was that one guy that hung from the sakura tree when we first got there, but he was curled up in fetal position within the hour, not to be heard from again.

Maybe it was because "hanami man" was there to keep the peace.

And since it was Sunday in Yoyogi, the goths were there as well.
The cherry blossoms were really lovely. It is too bad that they will die within the week. Sure glad we got to sit out there with friends and enjoy them a bit.

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