Tuesday, July 20, 2010

German cooking class

Oh, I have fallen so behind and haven't even shared pictures from this month's cooking class.

This time we had a German computer scientist who is getting his PhD at Todai share some treats from his homeland. I think right from the start, the ladies were messing with him. For instance, despite having multiple aprons to choose from, (including the nondescript yellow one I was given), the head lady gave him this tiny pink number to wear. Here he is overseeing the dessert, a kind of bread-pudding-like pancake with raisons. 

The next dish was schnitzel, or as they call it here, katsu. First you pound the pork flat, then dip it in egg, then flour, then panko (bread crumbs) and then you fry it up nice. Mmmgood.

Then came the would-be piece de resistance: the special liver dumpling soup. I received the translation for this recipe early in the week and was told that reporters were coming to check out the dish and everything (!?!) To make liver dumpling soup, one starts with approximately 500 lbs of raw ox liver. Or so it seemed. That is a lot of liver. There's no turning back now.
The liver is mixed in the food processor with softened bread and parsley and salt and pepper. Meanwhile a vegetable broth is being made from scratch. Leaving the skins on the onions gives the broth a nice yellow color. That was a new one for me. Below they strain the broth to remove the solids.

At some point when I wasn't looking someone made an awesome mayo-less german potato salad. So here the final meal, clockwise, which corresponds to the descending order of my preference, is the potato salad (it rocked!), the schnitzel/katsu (tasty), the pancake kugel thing (could use more sugar) and the liver soup (hard to keep down). I feel bad about that last one, since it took quite a bit of energy to make and everyone was so hyped up about it. But I'm sorry, no amount of parsley and broth is going to hide the fact that this is liver. And liver is disgusting.

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