Monday, February 14, 2011

February cooking class

In this month's cooking class we finally were able to study Japanese food. We made three dishes. The first dish called for miso sauce, which we made from sauteed onions and mushrooms and boiled carrots, pureed in a blender and added to dark brown miso paste from Nagoya.
 We then lightly steamed lots of beautiful vegetables...
 ...ladled a big mound of miso sauce on the plate and then arranged the veggies on top of it.
Then we started the second dish by grating daikon and adding some seasonings and spooning this mixture over quickly cooked, super thin soba noodles.
And the final dish was a simple dashi, or fish broth, with some fresh herbs (mitsuba I think) and these funny little decorated beans that puff up in liquid. 
And of course rice was served.
Here is the whole meal. Kojima-san's award-winning pickled greens are in the bowl there. Yum! And isn't that veggie plate pretty?
And to finish it off we enjoyed some nice sweets and green tea made with traditional tea ceremony implements.

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