Thursday, June 03, 2010

En Izakaya in Suidobashi

For their last night in Tokyo, Chad and Bill treated us to a yummy dinner at En in Suidobashi. Located on the 5th floor of the building that is just maybe 5 meters from the suidobashi subway exit, this high-end izakaya was extremely convenient to get to. And that is a good thing, because I can guarantee we will go again.
First up was this beautifully presented tuna sashimi with raw wasabi that can be grated by hand (nice touch).

And then came rice balls in a kind of steamed green, various pickles, small fish in a sweet and tangy sauce, ground chicken (and cartilage bits) formed into tubes and grilled on a bbq (much better than it sounds). Somewhere in there was also thick cut "french bacon", which went too fast for me to photograph (it was indeed as good as it sounds). All of this was accompanied by a tasty and totally affordable bottle of French red wine. For dessert, Chad ordered this dish below. Although mochi balls with red beans is a common combination here, I have never seen it prepared in such a lovely manner. The balls were initially sitting in cold water in the basket on the right.

Other desserts included matcha cheesecake and a caramel flan that came nestled in this larger glass of ice. A great meal was had by all and they even had menus that we could understand. The waitstaff was very friendly and professional. It felt much more like a fancy kaiseke place than an izakaya. We'll definitely be going back.


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