Thursday, June 03, 2010

the Laos festival and conveyor belt sushi

Despite Ryan's discovery of a review calling the Laos festival in Yoyogi park "laousy", Chad, Bill and I decided to take a little peak for ourselves. For one thing, the rain wasn't helping them out any. Considering the Thai festival the weekend before had the same areal footprint but with an order of magnitude more people, we weren't very optimistic.

The first thing I notice when we got down there amidst the stalls was a peculiar, slightly rotten smell that reminded me of Singapore. After a little poking around, I found the source of the funky fragrance --THESE GUYS!-- which, you may recall are not my favorite.

We didn't stay long.

On one of the nights of Chad and Bill's visit, we all went to conveyor belt, or "kaiten", sushi at a restaurant near our house. The drill is that various things on small plates go chugging alongside the table and when something looks appealing, you grab it. You can even order things special from that little video screen. When you finish, you push a button on the screen and someone runs over to count up the plates (different color plates mean different prices) and tally your bill. At first we were a little timid. We weren't sure how popular items were and if they had been circling the restaurant for hours or if they were fresh. There were some sushi with creamed corn and some burrito rolls, for instance, that were down right frightening. But once we got the hang of it, we really got the hang of it. Below is the carnage.

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