Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BBQ at M&M's new place

Last weekend we went over to Michael and Momoe's awesome new apartment. Their number one requirement for the new digs was that they had someplace to barbecue. So we went over to help them break it in. And did we ever! When it comes to barbecues, they don't mess around. After a round of chips, guac and coronas (all very hard to come by in these parts), we broke out these amazing racks of lamb marinated in rosemary and olive oil.

Sometime between the stuffed prosciutto-wrapped figs, the caprese salad and the brats, we popped out to watch the sunset. They've got an amazing view from their new place. You can even see our friend fuji-san out there in the pink haze.

And for dessert, some wagu beef. Ah yeah!  The good things in life!

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