Sunday, September 05, 2010

September cooking class

This month's cooking class was Turkish food and I am just going to cut to the chase: everything was delicious! Below Kojima-san browns the pasta for the rice pilaf as sensei looks on. Folks were pretty amazed about the orzo for the rice. Lots of exclamations of "sugoi!" Guess they don't eat a lot of rice-a-roni in these parts.
Here the small eggplants are fried in oil...

so that they can be stuffed with some ground chicken and spices...

...topped with some vibrant veggies and baked for about 20 minutes.

Here is the whole meal. In addition to the pilaf and the stuffed eggplant, we had a yummy cucumber and yogurt salad and lentil soup. Doesn't the olive oil on the yogurt look nice? Maybe I should drizzle olive oil on everything I photograph.  So that was our cooking class. The nice thing was that I got to try out some of my japanese on people in a relaxed environment. The folks in class are all incredibly kind and just rave about any little thing that I manage to say correctly.

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