Friday, August 14, 2009

Espero Heights

Before we post pix from our trip to Singapore, I thought I'd share some older photos of the apartment. Here is the building. It is definitely the most interesting one on the block.
Here's our tiny little kitchen. The IKEA cutting block makes a big difference and makes it feel like a little area instead of just a wall. So far, the small gray (free) fridge under the rice cooker is working for us, but we may have to upgrade down the road. I've been on the lookout for rugs and hand towels that have dark brown with an accent of that light mint color of the tile. I'm particularly psyched about the built in shelf that is the perfect width for bottles of wine. New IKEA table and chairs in the foreground.
Finally, Bibi has been wondering what our tatami room looks like. We have the traditional futon that is only about an inch thick. I don't roll it up and store it everyday like I should because then we would just have an empty room, but I do fold it in half every couple of days to let the underlying tatami breathe. Behind the screen is a quiet little balcony area where Ry can smoke and where we hang our clothes to dry. So far nothing else out there, but I want to put some plants and place to sit.One great thing about the apartment is that there is plenty of storage space. We didn't have to buy any shelves or drawers because everything just goes in the closets and out of sight.I still have to take pix of the living room but it's currently a mess, but here is our newest acquisition, a washer/dryer that we bought used.

We've been alternating between the sink and the laundromat for the last 2 months and are very excited to finally be able to wash and dry properly. A dryer is actually kind of a luxury item here I think, but since it was used I don't feel too guilty. Spacious tub/shower area is just beyond.

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  1. has it really been two months already?! the place looks great - can't wait to come visit!! hope all is well there!