Friday, August 21, 2009

one night in malaysia

During our trip to Singapore we decided to see a little nature by traveling a bit north into Malaysia, to the rain forest and waterfall of Kota Tinggi. From Little India, we hopped a bus to Johar Bahru, where we were dropped off in a parking lot filled with idling buses. The moment we stepped off the bus, looking like total suckers with our rolling suitcases, we were accosted by people demanding to know where we were going next and insisting that we take their bus (even if it wasn't going to our destination it seemed). Finally we found the bus to Kota Tinggi (to our dismay stopping at EVERY block in between).
After an hour or two of travel we arrived at Kota Tinggi, where we grabbed a cab out of town to our hotel, the Kota Tinggi Rain Forest Resort.

We stayed in a little bungalow with mosquito netting over the bed. It was clean and simple.

I could definitely see bringing a family or large group here. A bridge led to a lake area full of boot camp style activities, plus there were mountain bikes for rent and lots of areas for lounging.

In Malaysia we got our fix of tropical flora and fauna.
Some wild and some not so.
We also hiked a half hour away to see the main attraction in Kota Tinggi, its waterfall. Here is the bottom section that then flowed into waterpark tubes and slides. Above this were several smaller falls that were less populated and in which I splashed around a little before we headed back to the resort and back to Singapore.

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