Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tokyo does French

I am considering making a separate blog for restaurants and food, but since our dining out is so sporadic, I thought I'd keep this here for now.

Last night I was feeling particularly flush and decadent and suggested we go to the french restaurant around the corner. It's called Petit Four. It is a very small place and only serves about 12 people. We arrived at about 8:30 on a friday night and were the only ones there. Not sure why this is, whether we were dining too late for this small place or whether business is just slow in August. I certainly hope it doesn't portend to an imminent closing of Un Petit Four, because I am now a *very* big fan.

For our first course, I had the chef favorite, foie gras creme brulee. Yes, you read that correctly. These two favorite things could have combined to form something truly awful, but on the contrary, it was a creamy, fatty heavenly custard (with a crunchy lid) that was cut perfectly with the tart vinaigrette on the salad.
Ryan had lovely little bits of roast beef, pickled things, a creamy tart drizzle and this small salad. There was also a little bit of pate in the lower right corner. We usually do a lot of sharing of our dishes, but I was totally bogarting the creme brule and don't remember having any of his app.
For our mains, Ryan had the fish of the day, which was a delicate white fish with a subtle cream sauce, and small japanese vegetables (that little green is our favorite micro-shiso).
My main was a perfectly-prepared filet that melted away in my mouth, served with sesame puree and basil puree, mushrooms and grilled potatoes.
Desserts were a chocolate cake for me and a panna cotta for Ryan, both sprinkled with fresh pineapple and sprigs of mint. mmmmmgooood.

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