Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Festival

There are a lot of matsuri festivals about town. These shots are from Mitama Matsrui, just north of the imperial grounds. This one had a tremendously long procession of food stalls, the entertainment included a kind of haunted house and some carnival type performances off to one side. There were also more traditional dance performances in a central spot of the thoroughfare.

I couldn't get any shot that shows the scope of how far the lanterns and stalls went along. To give some idea: There is a statue at the farthest point visible in this pic, which 2 pics down is shown from the other side of the route.

Several of these portable shrines, holding spirits or some-such, were the highlight it seemed. You can sort of make out a troupe of women carrying this one. They were very slowly walked from one end to the temple amidst quite a throng of people. I was exhausted getting through the crowds carrying nothing.

Don't think I've ever seen skylights pointed at people. I think we understood that you can make a donation to sponsor a lantern and get your name on it (bit unsure about this).
...but the sponsorship thing is definitely true for these smaller ones. People seemed to be tracking down a particular lantern and taking a photo with it. We are just faking it.

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