Saturday, July 25, 2009

A day at the beach

So last weekend was ocean appreciation holiday; to celebrate, Marianna and I went to the beach. I took no less than a subway and 3 trains (a cool station from which is below) to reach Yokohama and Marianna, then together we made our way on another train to Zushi beach.
The beach wasn't very remarkable I guess. The waves were small, but people were capitalizing on that fact and doing a lot of windsurfing. Several such classes were conducted during the time we were there. The one noteworthy thing from this photo below is that the lifeguards (at left) wear these funny red and gold hot-dog-on-a-stick-style beanies.
At Zushi there are all of these little huts offering changing stations, cold drinks and sometimes food. Apparently the huts go up around June and come down at the end of the summer. I found this one particularly appealing because of its climbing wall (outside wall of the bldg) and tightrope. It also had Hawaiian lounge singers playing inside.

In addition to the climbing, we spent the day perusing Marianna's stack of Us and People magazines, eavesdropping on all the American servicemen from the local base trying to pick up girls and watching the lifeguards (below, bringing in their 4-seater Sea-doo) go through their extensive routine of clean up and training (complete with an hour of mock-rescues, in and out of the water). We ended up staying for a good 7 hours, both of us getting pretty burnt from the deceptive overcast sky.

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