Monday, July 13, 2009

Meiji Temple Complex

Some various shots from a wander in and around the Meiji Shrine complex...

This is the entrance to the shrine proper, only notable really by the colored papers hanging from branches strung up above the door. These were all over town (including in a spot set aside in subway stations) leading up to Tanabata.

These are wishes and prayers written by visitors on wood blocks (for a small donation) and hung outside the temple.
A wedding party at the temple doing their photos.
Barrels of sake about-to-be?, just?, in-the-process-of-being? blessed at the shrine.
The 'emperor's fishing hole'... the koi swarms can be seen in plebe areas too.
There is a martial arts center in the complex/park where people seemed to be competing at Kyudo - traditional archery. Lot of ritualized movements leading up to and following each shot. Each group of five was a unit; so one shooter from each group at about the same stage of shooting. They are shooting at a rather remarkably small target - about 8 in diam. at about 60 yard range.
Video here isn't the best quality, but gives the general idea. If you listen closely you can tell that the second shooter hits the target -- the audience of shooters in the background make a fssssh-sound for every hit, which was most of the time actually.

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