Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Festival time

Last week we walked/trekked to the nearest JR line station, which appeared much closer on the map. Along the way, however, we were pleased to stumble onto this street fair. There were various food stands, games, kids running everywhere and old guys sitting around in robes looking very official.
Here you put a ball at the top of the game on the right and wherever the ball lands, that is the number of fruit popsicles that you win. The popsicles were actually pieces of fruit with gelatin goop on them and they were sitting on that big cube of ice to form.
Ryan was particularly interested in the fish on the stick. This poor guy was sweating up a storm cooking these heavily salted fishsicles.

We also devoured some octopus batter balls with mayonnaise and a brown sauce and some donut holes made adeptly with a table-sized waffle iron thing. Ok so this was our first festival. I'm sure we'll become quite familiar with all of these items by the end of the summer. In fact there is one being held tomorrow at the temple right across the street from our apartment. Yay!

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